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​EBSC Engineering collaborates with many Alaskan Land Developers including institutions, agencies, and private firms on a variety of commercial development projects within Alaska. We have an understanding of the unique conditions, regulations and permitting requirements found throughout the Municipality of Anchorage and beyond.

We work to provide owners and developers designs, plans, and permitting documents that comply with codes, while maintaining the overall vision and effectiveness of the project.

EBSC Engineering has worked on many successful commercial development projects with groups such as:

A few of our Projects

Dental Clinic & Parking Structure - SCF

Project Need:   Southcentral Foundation’s (SCF) new dental clinic provides dental care for Alaska Native and American Indian children throughout Alaska, as well as behavioral health and other specialties for children with developmental needs. The five-story, 112,000-square-foot, building and parking structure are located east of the Alaska Native Medical Center Campus in Anchorage, AK.   

Completion Date: 2018
​Delivery Method:  Design-Build

EBSC Engineering​:

  • Provided concept and development designs, planning, permitting, and construction support for the new building and parking structure.  
  • Assessed the most efficient use of the site for the current conditions and future plans by implementing the owner’s Campus Master Plan during the initial design phase.
  • Coordinated with the Municipality of Anchorage and the Design-Build team to resolve platting and zoning issues.
  • Worked closely with the design-build team to keep the project within the owner’s budget and schedule.
  • Proposed alternative solutions that were implemented to decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of the parking structure.
Coronado Park Senior Village - CIHA

Project Need:  Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) is dedicated to providing low-cost housing options for Alaska’s growing senior citizen population, as well as low-income and disabled citizens.  Senior housing at CIHA’s new Coronado Senior Village in Eagle River, AK, involves a 70,000-square-foot, four-story building, with a basement level parking lot sized for 30-vehicles.

Completion Date: 2014

​Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

EBSC Engineering​:

  • Provided concept and development designs, planning, permitting, and construction documents​ for the new building and underground parking. 
  • Provided planning support during the project’s initial design phase to ensure that the project met the stringent requirements of the Downtown Eagle River Overlay District, in addition to the Municipality of Anchorage’s Title 21 Zoning requirements.
  • Coordinated with the Fire Marshal and the design-build team to address fire access issues.
  • Coordinated with the design-build team to keep the project within the owner’s budget and schedule.
  • Introducted an alternative storm water management solution, approved by the Municipality of Anchorage and implemented by the owner, to avoid constructing a costly public storm drain system.
Northern Lights Media Center - KTUU

Project Need:   The Channel 2 News Team, of the KTUU-TV network, gathers Alaskan news stories for the largest viewing area in the country. A new office/studio was needed in Anchorage to better accommodate their state-wide audience. The new facility is 40,000-square-feet and contains sound production studios, multiple news rooms, seven satellite antennae, and a 110-foot microwave tower.

Completion Date: 2014
​Delivery Method:  Design-Build

EBSC Engineering:

  • Provided site designs, planning, permitting, and construction support for the center, tower, antennae, and parking. 
  • Immediately addressed and negotiated relocation requirements for a previously unknown and undocumented buried stormwater drain pipe between the owner and Municipality of Anchorage (MOA). 
  • Provided value engineering support and responded immediately to any arising circumstantial construction changes.
  • Coordinated with owner/design team on all planning and design requirements for pedestrian access, parking, storm drainage, antenna/tower/satellite-dish locations, and fire-access; satisfying MOA code compliance with the interests and budget of the owner.
Patient Housing & Parking Structure - ANMC

Project Need:   Over half of the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC) hospital patients travel from outside Anchorage.  The new patient housing and parking structure located on the ANMC Campus in Anchorage, AK, triples patient housing, increases parking with 440 new stalls, and provides better access for lodging patients to the rest of ANMC via a sky bridge.  The project was broken up into two phases: Phase One- Parking Structure and Phase Two-Patient Housing.

Completion Date:  Phase One- 2016, Phase Two- 2017
​Delivery Method:  Design-Bid-Build

EBSC Engineering provided development designs, planning, permitting, and construction documents​ and support for the new patient housing building and parking structure.  Notable contributions include:

PHASE 1: Parking​​

  • Supported in planning efforts to efficiently locate the parking structure and future parcel developments, while maintaining access to existing ANMC medical facilities.
  • Prepared civil design drawings that maintained the existing parking lot grades at the perimeter of the parking garage to minimize disturbed area and save project costs. (Part of Phase 2 Planning efforts)
  • Coordinated with AWWU to design water and sewer services to the structure that would accommodate the future Patient Housing Building. 

PHASE 2: Housing​​

  • Prepared civil design plans, drainage analysis, storm water treatment and pollution prevention plans to meet Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) requirements.
  • Negotiated with MOA Traffic Department on the location for drop-off and pedestrian plaza area near the main entrance of the Patient Housing building.
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