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Our mission

We seek to progress Alaska’s sustainability through effective communication, collaboration, and implementation.









Looking into the Future

The mission of EBSC Engineering is to Effectively Build Sustainable Communities. All projects are approached with a commitment to supporting the community in developing economically feasible, culturally acceptable, and locally sustainable facilities. The leadership of EBSC Engineering takes the following actions to fulfill the firm’s mission:


The leadership of EBSC strongly values the input from local residents. We do this by involving the community during the planning and design process, providing excellent follow up, and developing clear implementation plans.


EBSC engineers have an interest in developing sustainable solutions, including those that are low in capital costs, and affordable to operate and maintain.

Our values

Community relationships


We rely on the power of generational knowledge and experience, and encourage community-wide participation in all planning and design efforts.


We are interested in communicating with you and listening to your ideas.


We put people first.

Sustainability and self-reliance


We implement environmental sustainability and efficiency in our work.


We believe that sustainability begins at home with the practice of self-reliant principles such as: career development, resource management, social and emotional strength, physical exercise, literacy and education, and emergency preparedness.

Culture and integrity


We uphold integrity, responsibility, and respect in ourselves, our clients, and the Alaska Native Culture. Treating our customers with respect and integrity is a natural expression of who we are as individuals and as a company. This attribute is enriched by educating others on cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication.

Our team

Edward Hakala, Pe

Principal Engineer

Luke mattson, pe

Senior Civil Design Engineer

maria tahenakos

Fuel Safety Marketing Director



EBSC Engineering Opens

Mr. Hakala establishes EBSC Engineering in Anchorage, Alaska (March 18, 2008)

DBE Certification

EBSC receives DBE Certification from the State of Alaska, DOT&PF Civil Rights Office

Facility Response Plans

The Northwest Arctic Bureau School District contracts with EBSC to update all required fuel spill and response planning documents


Hughes Road and Subdivision Planning & Design
EBSC supports Hughes Village in the planning, design, and permitting of Moose Loop & Subdivision


Growing Services & New Office Space

Luke Mattson joins EBSC and immediately expands company services and capabilities. EBSC moves into a larger office space.

Cook Inlet Housing Authority: Mt. View Village Lofts

EBSC teams with KPB Architects to support planning and design of the new CIHA mixed-use retail and housing development

Huslia Boat Road provides new access to the Koyukuk River

EBSC supports the planning, design, permitting, and construction support for the new river access road in Huslia


Project Recognition at the BIA Providers Conference
The Hughes Village Council and support team is recognized at the annual BIA Providers Conference for outstanding work on the Moose Loop Road project.



ANTHC Patient Housing and Parking Structure
EBSC provides planning, design, permitting, and construction support for the ANTHC Patient Housing and Parking Structure projects


Milestone: Seven housing projects in 5 years with Cook Inlet Housing Authority
From 2010 to 2015, 7 housing site development projects are completed by CIHA with the support of EBSC Engineering


Rural Energy and Fuel Spill Response Planning
EBSC expands its services and capabilities with Maria Tahenakos dedicated to Rural Energy and Fuel Spill Prevention and Response Planning


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